Stellar Docs

"This is the authoritative guide to all things Stellar. Here, you will find helpful tutorials, guides for deploying infrastructure, a glossary of common terms, and more! The documentation is designed to be modular, organized around different learning paths that expand as network use cases evolve. In addition to the docs here, you’ll also see a link at the bottom of the left nav to the API Reference. You should check those out, too: that’s a resource most developers consult as they build on Stellar."

Fast and secure global payments with Stellar

"A unique algorithm, called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), keeps everything in sync. There are many ways to get agreement across a decentralized system—Bitcoin's visionary proof-of-work method was the first and is still the most famous. But, like many first drafts, proof-of-work left room for improvement. SCP strives to be better by being configurable, fast, and highly energy efficient. If you’re interested in the deep details, you can read the peer-reviewed paper, published by SOSP, the oldest and most prestigious systems conference, for complete technical details."

SOLANA Documentation

Start Building Get started building your decentralized app or marketplace. Run a Validator Node Validate transactions, secure the network, and earn rewards. Create an SPL Token Launch your own SPL Token, Solana's equivalent of ERC-20. Integrate an Exchange Follow our extensive integration guide to ensure a seamless user experience. Manage a Wallet Create a wallet, check your balance, and learn about wallet options. Learn How Solana Works Get a high-level understanding of Solana's architecture.

Binance Smart Chain Whitepaper

Binance Smart Chain A Parallel Binance Chain to Enable Smart Contracts - 15 pages.

Arbitrum Bridge Tutorial

Tutorial to know how to made your Ether or tokens are bridged over from L1 (Ethereum Mainnet) → L2 (Arbitrum) or L2 → L1.