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Cardano Native Asset Market charts: Top25, Trending, Top Gainers, Top Losers of smartcontract tokens and NFTs. Global Cardano Market info: 24H Market Volume , Hot/Whale ADA Wallets list and more.

Cardano DeFi Alliance

"Cardano DeFi Alliance is a consortium of DeFi protocols set out to develop and standardize Plutus DeFi design pattern best practices, off-chain API configuration standards, Haskell security testing methods, and to leverage common standards for integrations and composability that advance product innovation across the Cardano DeFi ecosystem."


"pool.pm is a Cardano blockchain realtime visualization made by SMâ?łUG pool." Search pool, wallet, handle or asset. See timelines and what ADA whales are doing now.

Cardano Explorer

Dashboard and must known entry point for every Cardano blockchain acitivities. Pools. Blocks. Transactions. TPS, Energy consumptions chart, decentraliziation analysis charts. Bunch of good articles about Cardano.


Cardano Blockchain Explorer - Recent Transaction, Recent Blocks, search for addresses, pools, tokens and more. Dashboard for statistic informations about Cardano network and ADA token.

Cardano Blockchain Explorer

Cardano Blockchain Explorer Welcome on fast, stable, most advanced and awesome Cardano Explorer!

Cardano Docs

The complete guide to Cardano cryptocurrency and ecosystem. Examples of the topics include: Getting Started, New to Cardano, Cardano Components.