Algorand (Introducing) Governance

Earn rewards for your participation in the decision making in Algorand Network. "Community Governance enables all Algo holders to participate in the decision making process on the growth and development of the Algorand ecosystem. " There are "Four quarterly Governance periods per calendar year.".

Alogrand Governance Dashboard

Governance system dashboard for Algorand. This is the place, where You can vote.

Algorand Governor's Guide

"This document describes the governorsâ?? view of the Algorand Foundation Governance system." (...)"This guide initially documents the first step: how to sign in and connect your wallet, and commit the amount of Algo you have chosen for the Governance period."

Algo Optimizer

"To optimize staking, it is important to compound your balance. If you have a Buy and Hold strategy, you need to periodically update the balance on the blockchain so that your staking reward is based on your current balance. To facilitate these updates, a 0 ALGO transaction must be sent to your wallet, which will add your staking rewards to your wallet and start compounding with that new, higher balance!"

Algorand. Welcome To The Future Of Finance.

Movie clip that promotes Algorand as future of finance. Press play button. Nice.

Algorand FAQ

Fastest way to get knowledge about some Algorand backstage facts. Rewards, Foundation and Inc bindings, nodes list.


"With more than 500 global organizations leveraging its technology, Algorand is enabling the simple creation of next generation financial products, protocols and exchange of value across defi, financial institutions and governments." Algorand is a wide cryptoplatform project, with plenty of University and others supporters. New governance rules give more democracy,trust and user engagement to its PoS and rewards (instead of PoW mining). Support for Smart Contracts, NFTs, Open Source with Algorand Fundation above... Really this Ethernet successor? What about scalability and performance? True Independency? So many question. But You can setup Your own node easily, this is always good sign.