Ava Labs, Inc.

New York based developer and owner of AVALANCHE blockchain trademark.

Avalanche Home

Homepage of Avalanche blockchain. "Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications."

Avalanche (AVAX) ICO

"The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) price of the Avalanche (AVAX) token was $0.50." AVAX ICO detailed information.

Avalanche Explorer

Avalanche Explorer for Primary Network (C-Chain, P-Chain, X-Chain) and Subnets. Number of validators, TPS and other stats. Blocks and transactions explorer for every subnet. Main gateway to Avalanche crypto ecosystem.

Avalanche Blog on Medium

Official blog of avax.network (The Avalanche Foundation).


Avalanche C-Chain Explorer. Search for tokex, txn, block. Lists of Latest Blocks and Latest Transactions. Actual value for BURNT FEES, MED GAS PRIC, MARKET CAP, AVAX PRICE. AVALANCHE C-CHAIN TRANSACTION HISTORY LAST 14 DAYS chart.

Scalable and Probabilistic Leaderless BFT Consensus through Metastability

Science whitepaper with description of Avalanche blockchains consensus protocols in mathematical details. Contains performance comparison with Algorand, Conflux and Bitcoin. Description of evaluation methodology. "The paper describes the Snow protocol family, analyzes its guarantees, and describes how it can be used to construct the core of an internet-scale electronic payment system called Avalanche, which is evaluated in a large scale deployment. Experiments demonstrate that the system can achieve high throughput (3400 tps), provide low confirmation latency (1.35 sec), and scale well compared to existing systems that deliver similar functionality."