Homepage of "Next generation layer 2 for Ethereum dApps." Not too much information, but some useful links to documentation and block explorer can be found.

Arbitrum One Explorer

Latest Transactions, Latest Blocks, Blocks details, ARBITRUM TRANSACTION HISTORY LAST 14 DAYS and more

Arbitrum Bridge

Here You can send ETH from Mainnet L1 to Arbitrum sidechain L2. And remember the 5th of November: "POTENTIAL RISKS Smart Contract Risk There is always a chance that there may be a bug within any smart contract that could result in the loss of user funds. Price Risk Once your Ether or tokens are bridged over from L1 to L2 or L2 to L1, the value of your funds may change because regular market fluctuation." + lack of decentralization


Home of Arbitrum Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution. See list of investors and founders.Blog and link for Arbitrum One focused sites. Not much, but enjoy.

Arbitrum Bridge Tutorial

Tutorial to know how to made your Ether or tokens are bridged over from L1 (Ethereum Mainnet) to L2 (Arbitrum) or L2 to L1.