Etherum Home

An entry point to Ethereum coins and ecosystem. Links for beginners, developers and related topics like DeFi or NFT. Also You can get value of the KPIs of the currency: ETH PRICE (USD), TRANSACTIONS TODAY, VALUE LOCKED IN DEFI (USD), NODES.

How to mine Ethereum: A beginner’s guide to Ethereum mining

Why should you mine Ethereum?, Is mining Ethereum profitable?, What’s better for Ethereum mining, a GPU, FPGA or ASIC?,How to find the best mining hardware?, How to set up an Ethereum mining farm: Guidelines and risks

Ethereum "scaling solutions."

Overview of Ethereum Layer 1 (onhchain) and Layer2 scaling solutions, like sidechains, rollups, sharding, plasma and more. External links to implementations.

How does Ethereum work, anyway?

A very condensed introduction to how Ethereum works. If you want to know how to interpret Etherscan records, how the transaction and transaction block are structured. Rather for intermediate.

Ethereum Yellow Paper: a formal specification of Ethereum

Well known science article about Ethereum. Read only if You need citations to Your master thesis or other science article. "The Yellow Paper is a formal definition of the Ethereum protocol, originally by Gavin Wood, currently maintained by Nick Savers and with contributions from many people around the world. It is a free culture work, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) version 4.0."

Week In Ethereum News

Eth News and Links - mailing list.


Essentials of Ethereum. "The goal of EthHub is to provide a single source for essential Ethereum information. We attempt to accomplish this goal through three main areas: 1. EthHub Docs 2. Into the Ether Podcast 3. EthHub Weekly Newsletter The Docs section, where you are now, is the core of EthHub. This documentation is open source and hosted on GitHub which means that anyone has the ability to contribute. The goal is to make sure the information is available, clear, concise, and up to date."

Ethereum New User Guide

Very short intro to use ETH. "New to Ethereum? You're in the right place! This guide will walk you through the necessary steps of getting onboarded to the Ethereum network."