Cardano / Ada Homesite

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform with more scientific approach. Native coin for Cardano is ADA - this is the one of the biggest coins. Sometimes it is called Cardano, be careful.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

"You need lumens to use Stellar. Luckily, they’re for sale on many exchanges and available for trade directly on the Stellar network as well."(...)"So we gave the network its own currency, intended solely for denominating network requirements. That currency is “the lumen.” As you can see below, there are now 4.3 million Stellar accounts, and each of them uses lumens to meet minimum balance requirements and pay transactions fees."(...)"That inflation mechanism was ended by community vote in October 2019. And in November 2019, the overall lumen supply was reduced. Now there are about 50 billion lumens, total, in existence, and no more lumens will be created."


"The Algo is the native token of the Algorand blockchain. As such, the Algo has all the key features of the Algorand blockchain itself. It's super-fast: every transaction with Algo is complete in ~4 seconds. It's scalable: whether you are the first transaction or the 10 millionth transaction in a day, your Algo transaction will still take place in ~4 seconds It's secure: Algorand and Algo transactions are secured by the unique Pure Proof-of Stake consensus that powers the Algorand blockchain. It’s almost free to use: unlike many blockchains, where every transaction is hugely expensive, every Algo transaction today, no matter the size, costs a fraction of a penny."