Almost a popstar Richard Heart is advertising HEX in TV Shows, banners saying: "HEX STAKES AVERAGE 40% INTEREST A YEAR". "The Future of Investing is Here." is warninig for You. HEX is playing with inflation and gives big promises. Many buys this and Hex is going to be popular. Remember, lack of stability can eat even 40%, 100% staking rates. Hex can be balloon, everybody knows that and everybody wants to try this buzz. But not too much, not too much. Technically this is only smartcontract in Etherum ecosystem.

What is Hex Cryptocurrency

Short guide to HEX coins, topics discussed: "Security and Advantages", "Disadvantages".

T4T Token

Token symbol: T4T Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 Total Token Burn: (Unsold Tokens will be burned) Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain Contract; Token type: Native token, Utility, Governance