A quick and simple guide to account abstraction and EIP-4337

Introduction to Ethereum's history with Account Abstraction. Example of how a transaction would occur under EIP-4337.

ERC 4337: account abstraction without Ethereum protocol changes

Expert level article from Vitalik Buterin about Account Abstraction concept in form of ERC 4337 Etheruem specification.

ERC-6551 in Pokemon terms

With ERC-6551 any NFT can own other NFTs, and these NFTs can have NFTs too. Enough? Somebody used Pokemons to explain this thing.

Understanding Ethereum’s ERC-4337 & Account Abstraction: What You Need To Know

Why EIP-4337 smart contract wallet standard is working? "Prior to EIP-4337, there had been other proposals with the objective of achieving account abstraction via consensus-layer changes; however, ERC-4337 goes around this using a different approach."

Multi-Signature Wallet (Solidity)

How to create a simple multisig smart contract in Solidity. Step by step tutorial.

What Are Smart Contract Wallets?

Decentralized non-custodial wallet technology with trusted third party - owner of wallet smartcontract. In custodial wallets third party are arranged too, but not everything is happen on blockchain. Smartcontracts wallet are on blockchain and are supposed for users which wants (must) to have third party for backup and guarantees - institutions, organizations and users not involved in IT side of crypto.