Staking AVAX, by Validating or Delegating, with the Avalanche Wallet

Quick guide and note why slashing makes staking unpredictable. "Learn how you can earn AVAX rewards for staking your tokens and securing the Avalanche platform."

solstake - Staking Solana

"Enter you wallet public key (Stake account authority) or connect your wallet to view your stake accounts, balances, rewards and much more"(...)"Create stake accounts, delegate to validators, unstake, check your rewards... All from any popular wallet: solflare, sollet, phantom, ledger..."

Engineering Design Specification for Delegation and Incentives in Cardano Shelley AN IOHK TECHNICAL REPORT

This document describes the requirements and design for a delegation and incentives mechanism to be used in the Shelley release of Cardano. (ADA)